A couple arraigned again for harassing their neighbors


A Valleystream woman, accused of harassing her neighbors, made blasphemous comments and remarks about the race captured by the surveillance system in her affidavit, despite calling the police nearby. Said he kept shooting pellet guns at.

Defendants John McKenney and Mindy Canalick appeared in Hempstead’s Nassau County District Court on Friday, seeking a new arraignment of minor arraignment following the August arrest and initial arraignment. Once again, both pleaded not guilty.

The prosecutor has newly charged the couple with the same charges. The indictment was corroborated by a three-page statement sworn in late September by the couple’s neighbor Jennifer McGregan, 39.

McEneaney, 57, faces criminal mischief and harassment charges, and Canarick, 53, faces criminal tampering charges.

The case protested this summer after a black McGregan put up a sign on the front door in July, claiming that a white neighbor had bought a house and made her “racist.” Caused. She said she lived there in fear. Register Donors was pregnant when she moved to her home on Sapil Street in 2017 and now lives with her toddler daughter.

Madeline Singus, a lawyer in the Nassau County district, found prosecutors “patterns of harassment” by neighbors when McKenney and his girlfriend Canalic were arrested, but there is no evidence to support the alleged hate crime. Stated.

McGregan’s affidavit, released Friday, detailed the alleged harassment.

She said she installed a home video surveillance system in June 2019 after frequently finding feces and debris in her property. However, according to McGregan, the problem with his neighbors began more than two years ago.

According to her statement, neighbors, including Makeneany’s father, Michael McKenney, 82, began complaining “almost immediately” after she moved to the block about the maintenance and appearance of her property. .. Foreclosure sale.

McGregan wrote that he had heard more than 60 “pops” that looked like pellet gunshots from his neighbor’s yard, and they made her jump “alertly.” A Valleystream woman also said in her statement that McKenney continued to shoot near, within, and beyond her property, despite her many police calls.

The petitioner also wrote that he saw police officers talking to McKenney in the backyard in July 2019.

“I watched John McKenney claim through a video system after the police left.’If you don’t like blacks, you might have erased them long ago,'” McGregan said in a statement.

Court documents also said in June or July 2019 that she used a female derogatory term to observe McKenney, screaming about the person using a “race card again” through a surveillance system. Said. Separately, McGregan claimed in her statement that McKenney had at some point told her to “return to her original place.”

Judge Eileen Gogin of the Nassau District Court signed a new protection order on Friday requiring both defendants to leave McGregan. Last week she ordered the District Attorney’s Office to investigate whether McKenney had violated the same previous order.

Prosecutors then said McGregan claimed that McKenney continued to curse loudly in front of her window and seemed to point it at her. A district attorney spokesman said Friday that investigations into possible violations of the protection order are still ongoing and that it is standard to demand a new protection order with a new arraignment.

Joseph Megale, McEneaney’s attorney, declined to comment on Friday, as did Canarick’s representative at Nassau’s Legal Aid Society.

Friday’s court records also showed that McKenney told investigators in Singus’ office in August that he only shot a pellet gun in his yard and did not point it at anyone else’s home. He showed that his father had told Nassau police that he had handed over the gun.

McKenney had previously denied harassment of McGregan, stating he was not a racist, and called Canalic and himself a “victim.”

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