Belone warns of possible cuts for Suffolk bus service


Suffolk County President Steve Belone urged the federal government to provide “necessary and legitimate levels of disaster relief” to offset the COVID-19 pandemic budget deficit on Friday for more than a decade to recover without assistance. He warned that this could happen.

Washington, DC lawmakers have stopped on the possibility of a new coronavirus stimulus. Suffolk County has already received $ 283 million from the federal government under the CARES Act, but faces a $ 800 million deficit in 2020 and 2021, according to the Financial Impact Panel compiled by Bellone. ..

“Do what our government has always done when local governments are hit by an unprecedented disaster,” Bellone said on Friday at an online press conference with county executives in Onondaga and Orange County. I said in. “If they do that, it allows us to address some structural budget gaps like this-unprecedented since the Great Depression, the economic decline we saw-and I We can fill those budget gaps in a responsible way. “

Financing Suffolk police, public health and contract agencies, and transportation could sustain significant reductions in the county’s upcoming budget and undermine the recovery of the region from individual outages throughout the state. Warned Mr. Bellone.

Later on Friday, Belone is expected to announce a significant reduction in Suffolk’s bus transport services with a 2021 budget, without significant federal support. Suffolk has already received $ 26 million in CARES funding for public transport.

law. Robert Trotta (R Fort Salonga) will hold a press conference in Hauppauge on Friday afternoon to accommodate the proposed bus stop.

Earlier this month, Beroun announced plans to cut the Suffolk Police budget from $ 530 million to $ 20 million next year without federal assistance. Reductions include the elimination of two classes at the police academy, a total of 200 new officers, effectively closing the academy. Belone reassigned staff for the school’s resource program to patrol the jobs replenished by new employees.

A minority Republican in the county council accused the cut of being unnecessary, and Suffolk claimed it was in poor financial condition before the pandemic.

At a press conference in the morning, Mr. Belone said the pandemic “the county is literally the front-line government,” and he and other local government officials were “warning” about the need for significant national funding over the months. I’m calling. “

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance on “flattening curves” on densities and other protocols, it is the municipalities that have worked to enforce the rules and “hold down the numbers.” Said.

He said it would be “unconscionable” for local taxpayers and institutions to bear the burden now.

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