Brown: Nassau, Suffolk has a lot of votes


“We are walking and chewing gum,” Suffolk Republican Election Commissioner Nicholas Larota said on Friday.

This is one way to say it, as Long Island’s electoral authorities are handling the most absentee ballot requests to date, and are paying attention to the upcoming nine-day early face-to-face voting. ..

As of last week, Suffolk received about 175,000 absentee ballot requests, and Nassau was processing about 167,000 requests.

However, even if those numbers were aggregated, demand continued to flow.

“We have received 1,000 to 3,000 requests throughout the state. [elections] “Portal”. Nassau’s Democratic Election Commissioner, James P. Hogan, said.

And both commissioners said their employees also answered many voters’ questions, the allegations were confirmed on Friday by a 10-minute wait to speak with a representative of Nassau. (However, the recording was friendly, helpful in predicting latency, and was accurate.)

In both counties, the demands of the Democratic Party outweigh the demands of voters who are not members of the Republican Party or political parties.

This follows national trends prior to the 2020 election season.

Overall, according to a national survey, Democrats tend to vote by mail when options are available, but Republicans prefer to vote on election days.

As of last week, election commissions in both counties were seeing a large number of absentee ballots returned.

In Nassau, as of last week, 34 percent of the absentee ballots already sent had been returned.

Suffolk did not have an accurate comparison. However, members of both counties agreed that the number of absentee votes returned so far was already lower than the number of such votes returned throughout the 2016 presidential election.

Historically numerous absentee ballot requests, primarily caused by voters’ concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, can also affect local races.

The Second Congress District, one of the rare vacant seats on Long Island, has so far recorded approximately 42,000 voting requests. The number of Democrats is about twice that of Republicans.

The competition between Republican Andrew Galvarino (state legislature) and Democrat Jackie Gordon (former Babylon Town) has received national attention in the South Shore district, which straddles the Nassau and Suffolk communities.

Coming on Saturday, the Long Island Election Commission adds responsibility for early voting to their workload.

Nassau and n Suffolk have multiple voting sites, On different days and times.

Officials in both counties also believe that early turnout can be unusually high.

“Last year, the first year of early voting seemed like a convention,” Larota said in the presidential election. “We did well and learned a lot.”

Some election managers are on the scene for this year’s early voting, while others continue to handle the absentee ballot pile.

The final day of the absentee ballot is October 27th. The ballot sent by mail must be postmarked by November 3rd.

“We hope they will come back to us as soon as possible,” said Schuermann, who said absentees could account for one-third of the total votes cast in Nassau County.

And when those ballots come back, electoral workers continue the already ongoing process of verifying, classifying, and storing them on safe premises.

After the early voting is over, the boards will prepare for the November 3 election day. During that time, the absentee ballot process will continue, but none will be counted until 7 days after the election date.

If you vote at the polling place after the absentee ballot is complete, the electorate workers will withdraw the absentee ballot because the direct votes have already been counted, officials said.

Scheuerman said Nassau brought in additional workers.

And so is Suffolk.

“We are ready and already working on the weekend,” Larota said. “We walk, chew gum and juggle.”

Election workers, who are already handling a pile of absentee ballots, are preparing for a direct early vote starting on Saturday.

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