Car parade welcomes hit-and-run driver victims


After three months and four brain surgeries, Matthew Davis was able to set foot in his home in Westbury.

Severely injured by a hit-and-run driver in July, 21-year-old Davis returned home about a month ago and was refurbished for disabled access thanks to community support.

On Saturday, more than 100 vehicles and police and fire trucks passed Davis’s home in a car parade hosted by Nassau County Police Department, local civil servants, and former Legis. Robert Troano. The vehicle honked and drove with a sign such as “Welcome back, Matty!”. While the DJ is playing music such as the “Rocky” theme.

Community members, Nassau County officials, and police have raised $ 35,000 for Davis, including a $ 3,300 donation from the Indian-American Change Association, which presented a check for EOC construction. Improvements made to the home include widening doors to suit pedestrians and refurbishing bathrooms and showers.

According to her mother, Les Davies, the family is still facing a $ 150,000 hospital bill from Glen Cove Hospital, but it wasn’t covered by insurance. A GoFundMe page It is set up to accept donations.

Matthew Davis not only needed to recover from a hit-and-run in July that paralyzed his left side and had to undergo brain surgery, but also six after three consecutive brain surgeries. He was treated for a seizure a month later. Epilepsy that he has been suffering from since he was 5 years old.

“I think I’ve done everything, but it’s difficult because I still have something to do,” said Les Davies in tears. “When you sacrifice everything and allow him to undergo these three brain surgeries and lead a normal life, what we want your child to do is to live a normal life as a parent. Because it’s just sending. “

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, he returned home early from rehab after brain surgery to treat seizures in March. He achieved his first goal on Saturday, went out with a cane alone, and now wants to regain his left hand use.

“This is very overwhelming. I know I’m loved. I’m taking steps to prepare my hands,” Davis said after the driveway ceremony following the car parade. Said quietly in the room. “I just want people to love each other.”

Patrick Ryder, a Nassau County Police Department member, said Davis and his friends were walking to Deli on the corner of Prospect and Magnolia on July 23, when a speed-violating car jumped over the median and crossed the street. He said he had attacked them once in a while. He vowed to find a driver for a foreign model car, and police are now offering a $ 10,000 reward.

“That night Matt went out for a sandwich. His fight has begun again,” Rider said. “I told him to do everything he could to help his family, because that’s what we do in law enforcement.”

Les Davies said his son was thrown into the air and landed on his head.

“When his skull shattered again, they didn’t know if he would accomplish it. He didn’t do anything wrong, so he wanted to make sure he was going to heaven.” Davis told his supporters at a driveway ceremony. “All the words of encouragement and everything you did for me mean the world. Sometimes you feel for yourself, but I think the love of Westbury and Nassau County is true.”

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