Cuomo: LI cinemas that adhere to the new rules can open on Friday


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo will be able to open on Saturday, and Long Island cinemas will be open on Friday as long as attendance is limited to 25% and the number of people per viewing screen is 50 or less.

According to Cuomo, cinemas have a prevalence of less than 2% in the area for 14 days and could open unless there is a cluster zone. According to Cuomo, the announcement does not allow the opening of a movie theater in New York City.

This announcement was welcome news for the film industry, which was almost shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cinemas across the country closed their doors in mid-March, and Hollywood postponed many of its biggest releases until next year.

The theater owner said he was confident that he could meet state requirements, but was worried about being able to book a movie for screening. They said they first needed to check with the studio or film distributor to see if the movie would be available.

States / regions in the red are on the New York Travel Recommendations list as of October 13, 2020. Guam and Puerto Rico not shown in the photo are also included in the list.

Brian Feederline, manager of PJ Cinema, a seven-screen facility in Port Jefferson, said: “Our goal is to open as soon as possible if there is a movie to show.

He said the owner is preparing to reopen the theater, including installing a special air filter in the ventilation system.

Lucky to be chosen to receive money from the Federal Witness Program, but lucky to be able to continue paying 25 employees, but stress the theater during non-business months He added that he was giving.

It remains unclear whether all theaters will choose to reopen. Regal, the second largest theater chain in the United States, said it had shut down in all 536 locations this month. The location of the chain’s Long Island includes newly constructed venues in Ronkonkoma, Farmingdale, Westbury and Lynbrook.

Joseph Masher, chairman of the American Association of Theater Owners in New York, said the film company wouldn’t release a blockbuster movie until the theaters opened in major markets in New York City and Los Angeles.

Still, he welcomed the announcement.

“We are very excited and grateful to the Governor,” said Smasher. “We are looking forward to serving our patrons safely.”

Mr. Smasher said he was confident that the majority of theaters would meet the state’s reopening criteria. In theaters that can be opened, you should always wear a mask, except when sitting, eating and drinking.

All theaters require assigned seats and always require social distance. Theater staff are responsible for managing seats, occupancy and traffic.

The theater also needs to meet enhanced air filtration, ventilation, and purification standards, the state said.

Long Island’s theater industry has been devastated by months of inactivity, Masher said.

“That was horrible,” he said. He said many of the state’s 10,000 theater employees were dismissed or temporarily dismissed.

“Microcluster strategy”

Kuomo also talked about the state’s “microcluster strategy” in combating viruses, saying the amount of testing is so widespread and targeted that authorities can track outbreaks to block-by-block levels. .. These clusters continue in Queens, Brooklyn, Orange, and Rockland counties, he said.

“If you have a cluster, there is a lack of compliance with wearing a mask and keeping a social distance,” he said. “If people follow the rules, the virus is not spreading.”

Cuomo specifically pointed out the Sweet 16 party held at Mirror Place Inn on Long Island on September 25, after which 37 people were COVID-19 positive. Officials said the party had 81 guests, exceeding the state’s maximum of 50, and that not all attendees wore masks. The venue was then fined $ 12,000.

The governor said mitigation efforts in the cluster area were working. He said the Brooklyn cluster area, which showed a 6.6% infection rate between September 27th and October 3rd, showed an infection rate of 4.9% on Friday.

The state-wide infection rate was 1.1% on Friday. He said the percentage of cluster areas was 4.34% and the percentage of areas outside the cluster was 1.02%.

He said the state killed nine people in connection with the coronavirus on Friday.

A total of 159,792 test results were reported to the state on Friday, a record high, according to the governor.

The positive rate for Long Island is 1.0% on Friday, which is basically stable. According to state statistics, there were 117 new cases in Nassau, a total of 48,494 cases, and 126 cases in Suffolk, a total of 47,941 new cases.

Nassau County Executive Laura Callan praised the county’s achievements. She said there are 61 COVID-19 patients in the Nassau hospital, 14 in the ICU and 7 in the ventilator.

“We were able to keep the positive rate at around 1% for this long time because the inhabitants are doing the right thing,” Karan said. “Our efforts continue to be rewarded as the green light for the reopening of cinemas in Nassau has been rewarded. I visited large and small cinemas throughout the county. They with state guidance. I’m sure they can make smart changes. Safely bring back the inhabitants to enjoy the beloved entertainment of going to the cinema. Look forward to them opening the door again and returning the audience to the big screen. I am doing it. “

On Friday, the East Meadow School District

The Meadowbrook Elementary School tested positive for COVID-19. Students have been receiving remote instruction since the beginning of the school year, officials said.

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