Despite vaccination efforts, Long Island COVID-19 cases reached recent highs


Nassau and Suffolk counties each report hundreds of new positives, according to the latest state data released Thursday, with daily testing for COVID-19 despite ongoing vaccination campaigns. The level remains flat and the number of cases remains high.

Suffolk County registered more than 900 new cases on Wednesday — a daily number not seen since early February. Nassau has more than 800 new positives, the highest every day since February 12th. Both counties reported a relatively large number of test results that may have contributed to the spikes.

According to state statistics, the total number of new cases confirmed in Suffolk was 925, while in Nassau there were 810 new positives.

Last summer, county numbers dropped to 100 per day.

The virus still poses a challenge to the state, according to a statement by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

“New Yorkers have done a tremendous amount of work by continuing to defeat COVID, but we haven’t left the forest yet,” Cuomo said. “Even though we are working to expand our eligibility, open new vaccination sites and ensure that the system is fair, there is still work to be done before New Yorkers reach the desired level of immunity. There is. “

Positive levels were also tracked across the state above the summer lows. The daily level from the 263,737 test results from Wednesday was 3.18%. The average 7-day positive rate was 3.4% for the entire state, 4.28% for Long Island, and 3.92% for New York City.

These levels remained around 1% during the summer.

Throughout the state, 47 people died on Wednesday from coronavirus-related causes. Four of them died in Nassau and one in Suffolk.

By washing his hands frequently, keeping a social distance, and wearing a face cover, Kuomo said, “New variants and persistent infections are still a source of concern, and New Yorkers should be vigilant. “.

Over 11 million vaccines have been given throughout the state since December. According to the state, this included 223,154 people in the last 24 hours and 1.4 million last week.

Get COVID-19 vaccine in New York

Who is the target of the COVID-19 shot?

The state of New York has exhausted its vaccine eligibility list for COVID-19 several times, expanding the group of people included in the phase. This is a summary of eligible groups. The following are the target categories revised on March 29th.

Phase 1A group

The state said that about 2.1 million people belong to this group:

  • Hospital health care workers interacting with patients.
  • Residents and staff of nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
  • Dentist, psychologist, Others who are considered health care workers In direct contact with the patient.
  • Employees of a federal qualified health center.
  • EMT volunteers and staff.
  • Coroners, inspectors, and some funeral workers.
  • State facility staff and residents for people with developmental disabilities, mental health care and addiction services.
  • An employee of an emergency medical center.
  • Individuals receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, including staff in the community health department.
  • Outpatient center staff.
  • Home care and hospice workers.
  • Residents and staff of other medical facilities.

Phase 1B group

The state estimates that approximately 3.2 million inhabitants belong to this group, including:

  • Those over 75 years old.
  • Face-to-face university teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, school managers, semi-professional staff, support staff, school contractors, teachers and educational workers including bus drivers.
  • First responder, including police. Firefighters; State Police; Sheriff Offices; County, Town and Village Police Stations, and Other Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Public security workers, including dispatchers and technicians.
  • Public transport workers, including employees of airports, railroads, subways, buses, ferries and port authorities.
  • Prison officer.
  • Other oaths and civilians, such as courts and police officers.
  • Workers in a grocery store dealing with the public.
  • An individual living in a homeless shelter.

Follow federal recommendations:

Added at the discretion of the local government:

  • Taxi driver.
  • Restaurant worker.
  • Residents of facilities for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Hotel workers interacting with the general public.

Other extensions of eligibility:

  • Citizens over the age of 60 (after March 10, 2021).
  • “Publicly facing” government and civil servants (since March 17, 2021).
  • Workers of non-profit organizations that provide “public” services (since March 17, 2021).
  • Building service workers who are “public” employees (since March 17, 2021).
  • State inhabitants 50 years and over (After March 23, 2021).

After March 30, 2021:

After April 6, 2021:

Source: Northwell Health, NY.

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