Developer resubmits plans for Yaphank automated storage facility


The developer of the proposed Yaphank automated storage facility, which was withdrawn last year in the face of opposition, announced a new plan on Monday stating that it would address critics’ concerns.

However, revised plans, including a rainwater filtration system aimed at adequately protecting the nearby Suffolk County Water Department, alleviate opposition as they continue to be concerned about the impact of the project on drinking water and transportation. I failed in that.

At a hearing Monday before the Brookhaventown Planning Commission, residents of Yafunk and Medford said the proposed project on 35.67 acres of Route 101 would bring excessive traffic to the community.

“There are a lot of junk places in our area,” said Kathy Coleman, who quoted a nearby truck traffic and speed-violating car. “I don’t think it’s fair for us to add another junk place to our community.”

The developers of the project, listed as NMF Holdings in Ocean Ridge, Florida, proposed the project last year and sought approval from the Planning Committee for Special Permits for Vehicle Storage. A representative of the company said they would store thousands of damaged or recovered vehicles until they were sold at an online auction.

The plan was withdrawn in November after Brookhaven and water officials said drinking water in a nearby well could be hampered by leaked gasoline, oil and other toxins.

At a hearing on Monday, NMF Holdings lawyers and consultants proposed state-of-the-art filtration systems and what they described to address those concerns. They said the system would exceed the town standard for such equipment.

“Applicants have taken great care to avoid impacts on the community and water,” said Keith Archer, a lawyer at NMF Holdings in Melville. He said the water treatment system “will protect more groundwater than other similar facilities near the site.”

Melville-based H2M Architects and Engineer NMF Holdings Consultant James Neri, who was questioned by Brookhaven Planning Commissioner Beth Ann Riley and Town Assistant Lee Rate, said that filtration systems “defense” elsewhere on Long Island. I admitted that it was not used for “target” purposes.

“I think that’s part of the problem,” said Rate. “There is no such thing on Long Island.”

In an interview on Tuesday, Yafunk taxpayer and Citizens’ Association president Linda Petersen, who opposed the plan last year, said the new proposal could not change her mind.

“I don’t think it’s the best and best use of the land,” Petersen said. “There is ample storage area for car facilities here.”

A spokeswoman for the water authorities, Tim Motz, said Tuesday that the utility’s position on the plan has not changed.

“It poses a tremendous risk to our environment, our drinking water, and the health of our residents,” Brookhaven director Edward P. Romaine said in a statement last week. , Should be rejected.

The planning committee has postponed the decision until an unspecified date.

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