Early voting begins on Saturday at LI


Albany — The Long Islanders will start voting on Saturday and will use a nine-day early vote across the state before the election day.

Voters can go to any of the selected early voting sites in the county. The site has special evening and weekend times on a staggered schedule until November 1st. Saturday’s early vote will be held in Nassau County at 9am and until 6pm. In Suffolk County, early voting starts at 10 am.Until 3 pm

Sites and opening hours are on the Suffolk and Nassau County Election Commission websites https://www.suffolkcountyny.gov/Departments/BOE/Early-Voting-Sites-11-3-2020 and https: // www It is published in. .nassaucountyny.gov / DocumentCenter / View / 30209 / Early-Voter-Flyer-General-2020-Combined? bidId =.

Voters can also find early voting sites on the State Election Commission Portal (https://voterlookup.elections.ny.gov/).

Early voting was adopted in 2019, but there are additional benefits this year for voters who are concerned about the spread of the COVID-19 virus and want to avoid voting on potentially crowded election days.

Election officials say Saturday is the busiest day for early voting sites, the final day of early voting on November 1. They advise voters that the shortest line will be noon of the week, but at any time early voting should be a faster process than traditional election day voting.

“After 3 pm, it was the quietest time in the early voting area,” James P said. Says. Schuermann, Democrat of the Nassau County Election Commission.

In addition, voters who vote in absentee ballots can go to a safe place in the early ballot and drop the ballot instead of mailing the ballot to ensure that the ballot is received and counted. I will.

If you’re a New Yorker who has voted before, you don’t need to show your ID. First-time voters who register by mail and do not submit a copy of their ID at the time of registration will be able to identify their current driver’s license or DMV ID card, current utility bill copy, bank statement, government check, etc. You may have to present a letter. , Paycheck, or other government document showing the name and address of the voter.

Voters who do not have an ID or cannot present their ID can vote by voting on an affidavit, and the issue will be resolved by the electoral authorities after the election day.

Voters must wear a mask and be at least 6 feet away as part of their precautions against the spread of the virus.

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