Family of victim of fatal drunk driving case speaks in judgment


The driver, who caused the deadly Elmont wreck at the speed of returning home from a drunken party, spends up to 10 years in prison after killing a former volunteer fire brigade captain who was returning home from a bakery job.

On Tuesday, Mississippi Supreme Court judge Francis Richiliano sentenced Julie Debros to seven to ten years in prison after killing Michael Saud (65) in a February 2019 accident.

Elmont’s 31-year-old Debrosse was found guilty of two manslaughter and assault charges earlier this year and a misdemeanor DWI charge.

A proceeding in the Nassau County Courthouse on Tuesday included a Skyd connection through which one of Saud’s three daughters and his girlfriend talked about the consequences of his death.

His daughter, Lisa Pfeiffer, is the “tragic irony” of her losing her father in a drunk driving accident after abusing alcohol years before his life before rehabilitation. I pointed out what I called.

“When I was a kid, I was working on a special relationship where I lost my father to alcohol and finally lost him to alcohol again as an adult, but this time it wasn’t his fault,” said 44-year-old nurse. Said the teacher. ..

According to Pfeifer, Mr. Saud, who said the prosecution had served as an ambulance commander at the Elmont fire department, volunteered there for 15 years.

She also described the Elmont native as six doting grandfathers who were enthusiastic about giving her child the best birthday present, “even if he had few.” He had an overnight bread route for a bakery in Sapienza, the daughter said.

Pfeiffer also recalled Saud’s “Infectious Crumple” and shared how their last text message exchange was about ordering Girl Scout cookies he placed with her daughter.

Saud’s girlfriend, Erin Reynolds, said she loved fishing and the Yankees. She said she asked Saud if she wanted to accompany her hours before the wreck before leaving home for his bakery route.

“But I told him I didn’t want to sit in the car because it was too cold. He said,’Well, see you in the morning,'” Reynolds recalled.

Prosecutors revealed that Debros’s vehicle was driving 88 mph in the 30 mph zone when Saud returned home from work at 3:10 am on February 17, 2019.

According to officials, her blood alcohol level was .14%, above the 0.08% legal threshold for addiction, about 90 minutes after the wreck on Meacham Avenue and B Street.

According to officials, Debros was heading north on Meacham when the 2017 Honda Civic was turning south on Saud’s 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier at the driver’s door.

Mr Debros said on Tuesday that he was ashamed of his actions.

“I didn’t have the right to drive that night after drinking,” she added. “I know my words today can’t change what happened that night, but I know to his family and my family how deeply sorry for what I did. I want you to have it. “

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