Hearing about the shelved Oheka Castle Condo project


A hearing scheduled on Tuesday to consider revoking the restrictions on the Oheka Castle property was postponed before it took place in order to give way to the condominium project.

Huntington Townboard voted 4-1 to postpone the hearing until October 20th. Councilor Joan Cergol has resigned from his previous work relationship with castle owner Gary Melius and voting at the castle.

There was no explanation for the postponement. Contract restrictions and restrictions are required for developers to proceed with reduction plans to build condominiums on the castle grounds.

Contracts and restrictions that also cover neighboring parcels owned by country clubs protect golf courses and address traffic signals and future sewer systems.

Residents of the Cold Spring Hills Civic Association, a community next to the castle, sent a letter to the town on September 12 to build 90 condos in a four-story stone building with a parking lot underneath. We have summarized our concerns about the proposals we have called. The lower part of the front yard of the castle.

According to the letter, a civic group met with Melius and his lawyer Michael McCarthy at a virtual meeting on September 3, when the proposal was presented.

A 190-unit senior community under development since 2012 was previously proposed for part of the Oheka Property and a parcel owned by the Cold Spring Hills Country Club. Citizens’ groups supported the proposal to protect the golf course, but the plan failed.

The civil society letter to the town, also shared with Melius and McCarthy, contained a list of nine concerns about the new proposal. Among the requirements were contracts and restrictions prohibiting further development of the castle’s properties. A smaller version of the project will be considered. A description of the requirements for affordable housing. Sewage connection to the Nassau County Sewerage District. The Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department has agreed to build an annex near the Cold Spring Hills community.

Huntington-based Kahn Property Owner LLC (Castle Owner) submitted a new application to the town earlier this year.

According to the New York State Department’s Corporate Information Department Form, Kahn Property Owner, LLC is a domestic limited company that lists Gary Melius, C / O Oheka Castle, 135 Westgate Drive, Huntington as address and person. is. Send the document.

According to court documents, the castle is under its jurisdiction, under which a neutral political party is appointed to control business operations.

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