Jericho’s “Kindness Fest” Supports Homeless Center Proposal


On Saturday afternoon, about 100 people gathered at the “Festival of Kindness” to disseminate information about the Jericho Family Support Center, which was proposed for homeless families.

Proponents said they wanted to spread a message of generosity to help homeless families find permanent housing and counter messages of fear and concern about adding new students to the Jericho school district. It was.

Approximately 12 vehicles traveling around the Jericho district, led by four policemen in Nassau County, hung up signs with blue windsock and slogans such as “Choose Kindness.”

After that, supporters gathered at Cantiague Park in Hicksville to give a speech, raise money for their families, and put signs such as “homeless, not helpless” and “where did you sleep last night” in the park. I put it.

“Jericho’s angry voice is the only one, and most of us don’t feel that way,” said Paulageslani, co-founder of the Jericho Kindness Union. “We are a kind community and a welcoming community. [the support center] It’s better for these families and this community than living in a motel. We don’t want to prevent people from getting the help they need. “

State officials and Nassau County are planning to convert the Jericho Turnpike Hampton Inn into a Jericho Family Support Center.

Opponents of the project are protesting the proposal, expressing concern about its impact on the school district.

The judge last week decided to support the town of Oyster Bay and grant a provisional injunction to prevent the construction and use of the site.

Jericho director Henry Glishman said the school district is ready to accept all students and will be reimbursed by the state at additional costs. There were more than 20 homeless students in the district last year, and previously there were more than 50 homeless students.

“We follow the message to treat each other kindly. We can oppose the problem, but the problem we cannot oppose is to respect each other and the students,” Glishman said on Saturday. Said to. “We are not a player in the approval process, but if your child goes to Jericho’s school, we provide a meaningful education. If you are sleeping in Jericho and are a resident of the school district, go to school. I can.”

Nassau Legis. Arnold Drucker (D-Plain View) said the county is supporting a family support center but has not intervened in the trial. He said the county is focused on helping families find permanent homes and jobs.

“We have to pay attention to what we can do to help people and help our families,” Drucker said. “Kindness is a common feature and we never lose focus. We must always strengthen our kindness to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

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