Jews mark the highest holy days and coordinate pandemic rituals


This year’s Shofar blast from the horns of Lamb rang to announce the holy day of the Hebrew calendar will be blown away Midway Jewish CenterEmergency exit.

Rabbi Joel Levenson of the Midway joked that he intended to protect worshipers from the coronavirus by dispersing the breath and saliva exhaled from the mouth of the Schofal blower, the nine gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. Reminds me of one of them. Dung Gate..

“We’ll be joking, Shofar’s sounder will be standing at the gate leading to the trash can,” Levenson said, “it’s a safe place for that person to be.”

Since the span between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is known with the era of coronavirus, turning Shofar is a step that this synagogue and others are taking to bridge the Days of O. It is one.

Thousands of years of service on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, have been modified to prevent the spread of the virus on Long Island and around the world. I am.

Holidays begin on Friday night and end on Sunday night. Yom Kippur starts the following Sunday night to Monday night.

The reform movement’s services are the least ritualistically rigorous of the three major Jewish denominations, but will be held almost exclusively online, with some congregations pre-recorded and others. People are streaming live and others are blending. Of the Rabbi’s Long Island Committee.

Holiday appliances are strictly forbidden for Orthodox Jews, so these congregations have modified some rituals to limit person-to-person contact, despite social distance. Despite moving outdoors for the sake of others, the service is provided by the individual.

Conservative movements occupy the midfield, with live streams, face-to-face adherence, or a combination of both. Levenson states that his congregation hosts two rabbis and two services at the same time. Indoor. He said there are three consecutive outdoor services to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

According to the report, holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur produce the best synagogue participants of the year, compared to about 35% of Jewish adults. 2013 Pew Research Center Survey..

For the first time in Stephanie Honig’s life, a 41-year-old counselor at Mineola High School said she would never attend a vacation service directly. Her tradition began with her mother, father and siblings who grew up in Stony Brook. Worship in North Shore Jewish Center At Port Jefferson Station.

“I’ve never missed a high holiday service in my lifetime,” said Honig, one of the Levenson congregations, living in Shosett and holding an online cedar for the Passover. Began to transform the Jewish tradition of the family into a pandemic.

Honig’s husband and four children aged 6 to 14 who are currently suffering from a coronavirus pandemic see Midway’s live stream and Midway cannot join the “Shofar” directly. Or even those who do not participate can execute the Mitzvah or command to listen to the live broadcast of the Shofar blast during a pandemic.

“We make the most of it and find a tradition that we can maintain. We make lemonade every year and make applesauce from lemons or applesauce from apples,” Honig said. Said Rosh, a tradition of soaking apples in honey.

According to Levenson, the midways in Shioset and the conservatives typically have around 1,600 participants during the high holidays. He said it is expected to be half the actual number this year. Worshipers who are not in direct attendance can borrow a high holiday prayer book called mahzor from the synagogue office or download a digital copy.

Ravimen de Heaver running Chabad in BrookvilleSome of the global Hasidic outreach groups that attract Jews of all levels of observance move services outdoors under the canopy and fine-tune the worship of thousands of Jews. Years that have a social distance to space worshipers who do not live with the ritual.

Don’t kiss the law in the tassel of the prayer shawl — by traditions like before and after reading the part, and by the congregation during the procession.

“They can see it and kiss it from a distance,” Heaver said.

He leaves the blessing printed on a giant cue card, placed away from the Torah leader, and off the reading table before the respected person recites the blessing.

Like the Midway, Shofar has been blown away from the congregation, he said: “It will be loud enough to hear the sound, but if something comes out of it, it can’t be tilted by anyone. Let’s do it. “

To Chabad Mineola Rush Ancerl Pearl oversees continuous service, as his synagogue on Willis Avenue does not have space for outdoor worship. Two days in Rosh Hashanah.

The first Rosh Hashanah worship includes all prayers, but four hours are read at a fast pace, and only the highlights of the prayer summarize another worship for two hours. Usually 5 hours. Unlike the last few years when reservations weren’t required, capacity limits mean attendance confirmation this year.

“It bothers me at the end, but it’s a reality. It’s a huge change for me, not to welcome 400 or 500,” he said, and attendees are half or less this year. I expected.

Like the Midway, for those who want to hear Shofar even if they aren’t present, Perl’s son Dovid will ring at 4:30 pm on Sunday in the southwest corner of Mineo La Memorial Park. Rabbi.

so Cutchogue Northfolk Reformed SynagogueRiverhead’s Kay Freeman, vice president and treasurer of North Fork Reform, said he usually rents space from the Katchog Presbyterian. We offer face-to-face service, but nothing since March.

“We decided to hold all the vacations, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in Zoom. Canter sings, Rabbi does what she does, and we’re all at home safely. Probably. ”

In other years, synagogue members change people who open their homes for vacation to welcome rabbis and canters living in New York City, but “because everything is different, they can come home. I can’t. Limits. “

According to Freeman, Yom Kippur’s Izkol memorial service, held to honor parents, children, siblings and spouses, is also available online, with the names of the deceased pre-registered and published live stream. I will.

Heber of Brookville Chabadrabi said that the Jewish service of 5781 in the lunar calendar “considers health constraints as well as stability, friendliness, and routineness. “As much as possible,” he said.

“It will be a year to remember,” he said. “No question.”

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