Mangano working at Oheka Castle, says the owner


Former Nassau County executive Edward Mangano, awaiting a conviction of federal corruption, found a job in one of Long Island’s most famous locations.

Gary Melius, owner of Oheka Castle, confirmed on Friday that Mangano, who had been a county administrator for two terms from 2010, began new jobs earlier this year in “June or July.”

“At first I thought it was helping him. He was the best asset I’ve ever had,” he said, maintaining a cozy relationship with elected Long Island officials for decades. Said Melius, who had been doing it. “We are not a title position type place. It’s me and him. And he’s in second place, for example. I’m in first place and he’s in second place. He does everything. He’s forever. I hope I’m here. He’s great. “

Melius, a political power broker in Long Island, said he provided a job to Mangano, whom he described as a friend. Melius refused to disclose Mangano’s salary.

Mangano’s defense lawyer Kevin Keating also confirmed Mangano’s work on Friday.

“Ed Mangano is a very hardworking, knowledgeable and talented man,” Keating said. “I am confident that Oheka has benefited greatly from the recruitment of Mr. Mangano.”

Oheka Castle, now the trustee, has hosted decades of gorgeous weddings, including former Republican Rep. Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin.

It also acted as a clubhouse for Long Island’s political elite, including members of the Senate, judges and other law enforcement agencies, and had a strong political relationship with Melius for benefiting Melius in a Newsday investigation. I built it.

Oheka Castle was also the scene of the 2014 crime when Melius was shot in the castle parking lot.

The shooting remains unresolved.

Bethpage’s 58-year-old Mangano is related to what the prosecutor said in a retrial last year that it was a relationship between a county executive and his longtime friend, restaurant owner Harendra Singh. Convicted of bribery, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.

Prosecutors alleged that Mangano received some bribes from Singh in exchange for helping Singh get a $ 20 million indirect loan guarantee from the town of Oysterbay. Linda Mangano also lied to the FBI and was convicted of obstructing justice.

Mangano’s decision was put on hold as a judge will hear testimony and legal debate from an attorney in January about a motion to remove Mangano’s conviction for allegations that Shin had committed perjury.

Mangano faces up to 20 years in prison. If those accusations are abandoned, he will only face up to five years in the sabotage count. Linda Mangano faces a couple of years under federal judgment guidelines.

Melius said Mangano was not very particular about his case.

“He’s absolutely amazing,” Melius said. “Don’t moan or moan about it. There’s nothing.”

Melius and his castle briefly appeared in testimony during Mangano’s first trial, which ended suspiciously in 2018.

Shin, a star witness in both Mangano trials, testified that they stopped at Oheka Castle the same day Mangano washed the $ 3,600 cash bribe he received from the contractor.

“We saw Gary Melius and had a drink,” Shin testified.

Melius said on Friday that he thought Mangano’s arrest and prosecution was “assault” and “very political.” “I don’t think he has done anything.”

Melius said he wasn’t worried that some might be critical of his decision to hire Mangano, a convicted serious offender.

“I don’t care what they have to say,” Melius said. “I love his personality. I implicitly trust him. He’s a great person, so I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

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