Members of the Brookhaven Commission resign from Facebook post on Confederate flag


A member of the Brookhaventown Solid Waste Commission resigned on Friday less than a day after being appointed to the post after being questioned about her views on the Confederate flag.

Martha Gillette, a resident of the East Patchog-Bellport area and a former South Country Library Board councilor, resigned from the Solid Waste Disposal Commission hours after being appointed Thursday night. Submitted, and Brookhaven Supervisor Edward P. Romain is Georgette Gillette-Key, President of Brookhaven NAACP.

Grier-Key opposed Gillette’s appointment, citing a social media post that Gillette believed to have written in August.

In a Facebook post, Gillette wrote that the Confederate flag was “racialized in the South, but not.”

“I don’t agree with her Facebook post,” Romaine said in his email to Gliakey. “We need to know that Mr. Gillette has resigned from the extraordinary committee on solid waste this morning.”

Brookhaven spokesman Kevin Moroi said town officials had no additional comments.

Attempts to reach Gillette have failed.

In an interview, Griaki added that Gillette’s resignation was inadequate and questioned how the commission’s appointments were selected.

“That’s not enough yet,” she said, referring to her resignation, “because it doesn’t answer. [questions] About the process. “

Confederate flag defenders “have no place to hold public office,” Griaki said.

Gillette was one of 11 members of the Solid Waste Commission, which acts as a liaison between the town and residents on landfill and waste disposal issues.

Her appointment was approved by a 7-0 vote on the town board during the Thursday night meeting. Members of other committees include citizen leaders, elected officials, environmental activists, waste industry officials and scholars.

In an email to town board members before Gillette resigned, Gliakey said Brookhaven should disband the committee and select new members, including those who live near landfills in the town of Brookhaven. Stated.

Griaki said she and the NAACP had not been consulted by town officials before the appointment was announced.

“We question the due diligence and relevance of responsibly screening … committee members, their qualifications and composition of diversity,” writes Gliakey. “We are also interested in the balance between member affiliation and integrity in order to act fairly for communities where members do not live or participate in a complex way.”

Moroi said town officials had no plans to dissolve the committee.

Valerie Cartwright, councilor Brookhaven, the only black member of Townboard, wrote in an email that the committee should include people of color and inhabitants living near the landfill.

“It is well known that the Confederate flag, which appears outside the historical context, is widely used as a symbol of hatred and white supremacy,” Cartrite said. “Throughout American history, the Confederate flag has served as a tool to intimidate and terrorize African Americans.”

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