N. Hempstead coach does not ask for reelection


Judy Bosworth, North Hemsted Town Supervisor, has completed a 30-year career in public office as a school board member, county councilor, and town supervisor, announcing that she will not seek a fifth re-election. ..

In a statement released Monday, 73-year-old Bosworth said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

“The pandemic was an era of deep remorse,” Bosworth said. “One of the lessons that has been strengthened for me is the importance of my family and how important it is to spend time with my loved ones … The changes are healthy and now is the right time to end my tenure. It’s time. “

Bosworth, a Great Neck Democrat, served for six years in the Nassau County Council and 16 years on the Great Neck Public School Board of Education.

She became a supervisor in 2014. Her two-year term ended in December, and former county parliamentarian Town Clark Waynewink, 53, who lives in Roslin, said she would run for seat.

Lawrence Levy, executive dean of the National Center for Suburban Research at Hofstra University, said “stability and consistency” are the hallmarks of Bosworth’s tenure.

“She is a calm and stable person in town,” Levy said. “She helped return the focus from the scandal to servicing in a competent manner,” said a 2007 corruption scandal in the building sector and was charged in 2016 and sentenced to tax evasion. Mentioned the fallout of former North Hemstedtown Democratic Party Chairman Gerald Terry. Avoidance in 2018.

Nassau County officials praised Bosworth’s service.

“Judy was led by an example of how local governments can work for people — striving to increase ethics, transparency and public participation in North Hemstead,” said the county official. Laura Callan said in a statement.

Don Klabin, the overseer of the town of Hempstead, called Bosworth a “strong community advocate.”

“I have been very pleased to work with Judy Bosworth for many years and have been able to prove her sincere dedication to the people and places she is passionately serving. “I will,” Klabin said in a statement.

Bosworth’s announcement will be made 10 months before the supervisor, town clerk, and three council seats are elected.

Councilor Viviana Russell, 48, said she would run for the office, but it hasn’t been decided which position she will be in. Angelo Ferrara, 76, the only Republican councilor, and councilor Lee Seaman, 92, did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

North Hemstead has had no Republican overseer since 1989.

Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs of Nassau County has vowed an “aggressive” campaign in the next race.

“Whenever an incumbent chooses not to run again, there is a measurable increase in seat competitiveness,” Jacobs said. “We’re not going to downplay it. We’re not going to sleep on the switch or do the obvious.”

Frank Moloney, deputy mayor of the town’s Republican Commission, said the commission had been discussing with some candidates, but no nomination decision had been made.

Once selected, the candidate will focus on “bringing tax cuts to homeowners and restoring integrity to the chronically troubled and broken building sector,” Moloney wrote in an email. ..

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