Nassau PBA refuses contract


Union President James McDermott said Wednesday that the Nassau County Police Department charity rejected a draft labor contract that offered to wear body cameras and pay officers a total salary increase of 25% for the life of the agreement. It was.

McDermott didn’t say why 1,594 police officers Nassau, represented by unions that have been operating without contracts since 2017, voted against the proposed collective bargaining agreement. PBA has been operating without a contract since 2017.

McDermott said he had sent a letter to Nassau County executive Laura Callan notifying her of the vote. McDermott wasn’t counting votes.

“The administration was disappointed to know today’s results,” said Karan spokesman Michael Fricchione. “The county and union were aware of the current financial difficulties and worked very hard to form a solid agreement that brought meaningful salary increases to police officers. The agreement must adhere to patterns already set. Carefully consider the next steps, recognizing that there is. “

“In the meantime, efforts to improve police responsiveness to the community will continue unabated, and this does not prevent efforts to bring body cameras to the police,” Fricchione continued.

Patrick Ryder, commissioner of Nassau police, declined to comment.

“It’s not clear where they’re going from here, but one thing is clear: they don’t have the money to sign the deal,” said Adam Bursky, chairman of the Nassau Interim Finance Department. Agreement.

“It’s unfortunate for them, and unfortunate for the county,” he said.

Mr. Bursky said he believed that “wrong information” had ruined the proposed contract.

“I don’t think the benefits of the contract for both the county and its members have been fully explained,” Barsky said.

Union leaders and civil servants have not publicly disclosed the terms of the contract.

But earlier this month, McDermott said in a nearly six-minute video urging PBA members to uphold an agreement that executives would receive $ 3,000 a year to wear a body camera.

The agreement marks Nassau police officers for the first time with body camera technology, which has become the standard police equipment in many parts of the United States.

“There is no perfect deal, but in this deal, the good is far better than the bad,” McDermott said in a video.

McDermott said the salary increase would be equal to an “average of 25%” at the end of the deal, although he didn’t give specific numbers.

Last month, the Nassau County Council approved an eight-and-a-half-year contract with the Senior Executives Association. The total salary increase awarded by the agreement is 15%, and officers will be given a $ 3,000 benefit when implementing the county’s body camera program, which is scheduled to begin by September next year.

Judge Nassau issued a temporary restraint order banning the implementation of SOA contracts in response to a lawsuit alleging that lawmakers voted inappropriately in an emergency.

Civil rights attorney Frederick Brewinton, who filed the proceedings, said the county would approve the police contract until he submitted a comprehensive reform plan by April 1, following the order of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. He said it shouldn’t be.

The county signed an eight and a half year contract with 300 members of the Detective Agency in December 2019.

With Candice Ferret

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