Nassau Republican: Frozen tax returns do not reflect the outcome of the assignment


According to Republican lawmakers, last month’s 2022-23 interim tax audit in Nassau was frozen at previous year’s levels to prevent sharp fluctuations in the coronavirus pandemic, but homeowners received it through a statutory settlement notice. The reduction was not included.

The 2022-23 tax year valuation role released on January 4 will affect school property taxes arriving in October 2022 and general invoices mailed in January 2023.

According to some residents and Republican county lawmakers, the role contains preset values ​​for the property.

The county has offered or is in the process of offering reductions through offers to homeowners who challenged the value of 2021-22, announced in early 2020. The roll is expected to be completed by March 31st.

A county spokeswoman said the offer to reduce valuations was not final.

Some homeowners who received the notice of valuation reduction said the 2022-23 rolls did not reflect their successful challenge to the 2021-22 value.

At a press conference in Mineola, Chair Richard Nicolero (R-New Hyde Park) said, “The county was unable to include these settlements, the value of these settlements, in the new evaluation role.”

“People who have just settled the proceedings have to go out and challenge the value again as the county has just come to agree on the lower value and the county has returned to a higher value,” Nicolero said. He said.

“You force residents to challenge their valuation each year, even after agreeing that your valuation is too high,” Nicolero said.

In December, Nassau County executive Laura Curran said the county would “pause” the rating and maintain the 2022-23 value at the 2021-22 level until the booming housing market caused by the pandemic subsided. It was.

In a statement, county spokeswoman Justin Digilio adheres to the same timeline “every year”, and residents can challenge the 2022-23 assessment by April 30. Said.

“As always, state law requires that not all assessors in the state can make unilateral changes to the published provisional role. The provisional role from 2022 to 2023 is 1 this year. Since it was a month, homeowners are advised to file a complaint again by April, if they believe that the temporarily valued asset value is not accurate on 30th 2021. “

“The Republican majority continues to show that they don’t know how property valuation works, or they are deliberately confusing and exploiting homeowners,” said Digirio.

A total of 219,776 class 1 housing complaints were filed during the 2021-22 tax year, according to Digirio.

Nassau has not officially approved the reduction as the evaluation review committee is still working on the issue, Diglio said.

She said the final decision due to the agenda will be made by March 31st.

Plainview’s retired broker, Bob Klaus, 71, has been assessed by the County Assessment Review Board from about $ 652,000 after a successful tax objection to him on a “reconciliation provision.” He said he had notified that the price had dropped to $ 596,000.

He said he had signed the letter and returned it to the county, but the decline in valuation was not reflected in his 2022-23 real estate valuation.

“We do business with the government,” Klaus said in an interview.

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