New York gives COVID-19 shots to people over the age of 65 with immune health problems


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo again expanded the list of people eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in New York on Tuesday morning, adding people over the age of 65 and those who are considered immunodeficient for a variety of health reasons. He said.

The move is more in line with the latest instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as Cuomo has criticized the change but struggles to provide sufficient vaccines to already qualified individuals. We aim to open a vaccination campaign to many people. So far, yesterday’s qualifications were healthcare professionals, nursing home residents and staff, other healthcare professionals, an expanded list of people over the age of 75, teachers and first responders.

An estimated 1.8 million people will be vaccinated, and the state and its partners will need to vaccinate about 7 million New Yorkers, according to Cuomo.

Mr Cuomo said the state would follow federal policy changes. He said the federal policy change was aimed at countering the spread of more contagious variants of the UK-related virus, even if the state’s virtually no vaccine was given.

“I don’t know the policy and intelligence of the federal system,” Kuomo said in a telephone briefing with reporters Tuesday morning. “We will do our best, but this is … the bread and fish situation. 7 million qualified people, 300,000 doses a week … and 7 million desperately want the vaccine right away. I will. “

Extended standards can exacerbate problems with vaccine deployment. Many people in a hurry to apply for vaccination on Monday And state We are working on opening a vaccination siteThe first day, public security teachers, first responders, etc. were added to the state’s list of eligible individuals.

Cuomo complained that the state did not clearly define who would qualify under immunodeficiency standards. The state issues short-term guidance to further specify who can sign up.

A new group of people can start signing up for shots right away using the same state website and hotline announced on Monday, but things don’t always go smoothly. Cuomo and his aide Melissa De Rosa are vaccination efforts.

” [federal] Guidance is constantly changing … We provide little or no guidance or information to implement it, “De Rosa said on the phone.

As far as state officials know, there is still no word for a planned increase in vaccine doses delivered to the state on a weekly basis.

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