Officials: Suffolk Election Workers Positive for COVID-19


After Suffolk County Election Commission workers tested positive for COVID-19, some absentee ballot counts were reduced on Saturday and stopped until Tuesday, county officials said.

According to Republican Nick Larota County Election Commissioner, the county health department ordered seven other employees to quarantine for a positive test after employees showed symptoms of the virus. And Anita Katz, a Democrat. The other seven employees show no symptoms and will be retested on Monday.

Workers are part-time employees brought in to help classify thousands of absentee votes. Workers’ tests returned positive on Saturday.

Not yet counted are mail votes in the 1st House of Commons, 1st and 3rd State Senates. And the 4th parliamentary district.

Katz described the voting bipartisan team as “the backbone of our democratic process. They are stepping up to all the challenges posed in 2020 and we will work with them to overcome them. I’m sure we can do it. “

Meanwhile, infection rates in the state remain a nuisance, raising concerns as the cold and holidays approach, officials said. According to state statistics, the state-wide infection rate is 2.87%, lower than the 7-day moving average of 2.91%. The percentage of priority areas was 4.34%, which was slightly lower than the 7-day moving average of 4.55%.

The state-wide positive rate, excluding priority areas, was 2.49%, higher than the 7-day average of 2.46%, state figures said.

New York has killed 34 people associated with COVID-19, including one in Nassau County.

“While COVID-19 cases continue to proliferate around the world, New York maintains one of the lowest infection rates in the United States with a data-driven microcluster strategy centered on robust test programs. We are in a very dangerous time with cold weather and approaching holidays, unaffected by problems found elsewhere, “said Governor Andrew M. Kuomo.

According to state statistics, the infection rate on Long Island was 2.9% on Friday, and the number was hovering for several days.

There were 403 new cases in Nassau, a total of 56,278 cases, and 479 cases in Suffolk, a total of 55,808 new cases.

New York City officials said Saturday that the number of diagnosed coronavirus infections had increased in the city for another day.

According to a tweet by Mayor Bill de Blasio, there are 1,345 new cases, with an average 7-day infection rate of 3.11%. These numbers are rising almost every day for several weeks.

Also, major police stations in Long Island respond to complaints about personal gatherings that exceed the 10 Thanksgiving limit, but officials say they want the public to respect the limits set by the governor. Says.

Nassau County Police Department will respond to a breach of Cuomo’s orders, said department spokesman Det. Richard Leblanc.

“For their health and safety, we continue to educate residents and visitors about COVID-19 restrictions,” Le Brun said.

The Suffolk County Police Department also said police officers would respond to reports of breach of orders by individuals and businesses. In addition, police will enforce drunk driving laws, spokeswoman Dawn Shob said.

Police will step up patrols Wednesday night to respond to reports of rallies in more than 10 private homes, which is a state limit, according to Suffolk County executive Steve Beron.

Health experts predict that large indoor celebrations such as Thanksgiving will lead to another coronavirus outbreak, but the hospital is full of patients and Long, which kills more than 100 people daily in Nassau. The island states that it is unlikely to return to March and April levels. Suffolk.

With Matthew Chase and Anthony M. Destefano

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