Possibility of asbestos cleanup found in IslipTerrace property


A man renting a house in Islip Terrace, which contains a trailer of construction waste containing asbestos, said he could reach a tentative agreement with the landlord to inspect the waste and add it to the cart.

However, Andrew Sirico, who found asbestos and documents showing that it came from an MTA construction job throughout New York City, said he had not yet heard from state or local investigators who wanted to monitor the purification from the garden. ..

“No one was here except the people on TV and the reporters,” Siriko said. Appearance Newsday Tuesday. Sirico said he had agreed to allow the landlord to open the trailer on the property next Tuesday as part of the first steps to assess the trailer and other waste and finally move it. Sirico lives at home with her three children and pays a monthly rent of $ 2,900.

In response to the question, the State Department of Environmental Conservation is “working with real estate owners,” and her attorney says that US Environmental Abate is “reserved to evaluate material removal and disposal.” He said he confirmed.

“We will closely monitor the proper cleanup of this asset to ensure public health and environmental protection. The DEC will determine potential breaches at the end of an ongoing investigation.” Said.

Siriko said she tried to call the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office by sending an e-mail, but received a busy tone or did not respond. “What do you need? Do you need mesothelioma?” He described the aggressive cancer caused by asbestos. “I don’t think anyone cares.”

It is unclear whether the Suffolk district law firm, which has already charged environmental crimes under the Flag of Operation PayDirt, is investigating the remains of the Islip Terrace.

In a statement, District Attorney spokeswoman Sheila Kelley said, “It is our policy not to comment on the existence of public investigations, but we are relieved that we take environmental crimes very seriously.” Said.

The District Attorney’s Office said anyone who witnessed or believed that they had been dumped into an email. InfoDA@suffolkcountyny.gov..

Landlord and owner Diana Honeycut’s lawyer, Robert Dooly, declined to comment on potential inspection and removal plans.

Honeycutt, whose family owned a company called Coastal Environmental, which is mentioned in the MTA’s truck document, also ran an environmental contractor who had previously lost his federal job due to non-technical requirements.

A contractor known as DS3 won a $ 8.8 million contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to carry out post-Superstorm Sandy Cleanup work on Fire Island in 2013, but another potential contractor bid. I lost my contract after filing a protest. Time, citing federal documents.

According to Newsday, the competitor’s protest “turned out to be beneficial” and the deal was drawn from DS3. The president of DS3 was Honeycutt.

Records left with materials found at Islip Terrace’s home show that it was removed from various construction operations around New York City in 2016 by Coastal Environmental, which is affiliated with Honeycutt’s family Silvers. ..

“As far as I know, she has nothing to do with Coastal Environmental,” said Dooley, Honeycutt’s attorney.

According to Newsday, in a 2013 Army Corps review, DS3 was ” [Fire Island] A project that requires 9,650 tonnes of debris to be removed from barrier islands and transported by the end of March 2013. “

DS3’s bid for the work included Coastal Environmental support. According to Newsday, Richard Silva Jr., then President of Coastal Environmental, took part in a field army corps tour of Fire Island in 2013 as one of the two representatives of DS3.

Silva in 2013 told Newsday that it was common to start a contract with a company with which the family works.

“I don’t want to be chosen,” he said, for what he called general business practice. “We’re just helping them,” Silva said. [DS3] There are some labor requirements. “

The call to DS3 indicates that the line was disconnected and Silva could not be reached.

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