See a gorgeous space at the Isles UBS Arena


The Islanders released a new rendering of the $ 1 billion UBS Arena on Friday, showing off the extravagant space of a building designed to resemble a modern extension of the adjacent racetrack.

Images of the arena’s suites, bars, and where premium ticket owners gather are reminiscent of the look and feel of the interior of Belmont Park Racecourse, built in 1905 and refurbished in the 1960s.

The islanders’ goals in designing the long-awaited new home are a fan-friendly look at the Nassau Coliseum and a modern arena that “emulates a timeless New York landmark … still evokes elegance and grandeur.” It states that it is a fusion with amenities.

The UBS Arena, which will hold 17,113 in the Islands games, has 55 suites, significantly less than the recently built arena. For example, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center was recently built in a metropolitan area and has 101 suites.

Instead, Islanders and its arena partners (Arena Development Company Oakview Group and Jeff Wilpon, Chief Operating Officer of Mets) focused their premium experience around the arena’s 1,995 club seats.

Tickets for these club seats give fans access to bars and meetinghouses specific to the club. They say their design inspiration comes from New York City landmarks such as Madison Square Garden, Grand Central Station, and The Carlyle Hotel.

“I realized that I had a great opportunity to create a social space, especially at the premium level, which I think would be a very clear feature of the field,” said Jason Katz, vice president of the Scott Malkin Group. Stated. Arena design, branding and marketing. “It’s like a bar or lounge where you can watch games, watch events, and meet people, creating this social dynamic.”

There are four clubs with different sizes from 200 to 1,300 seats and different designs of entertainment areas.

Matt Goodrich, an interior designer in the meeting areas of various clubs, said it was the first arena project he participated in after a career specializing in the design of hospitality-driven spaces such as hotels and restaurants. It was.

“I think it will be really amazing and really interesting to people when they realize that I don’t necessarily even know I’m in the arena in terms of the quality of the experience and the thoughtfulness of the experience,” Goodrich said. Rich said.

The $ 1 billion arena is central to the $ 1.5 billion sports and entertainment development in Belmont, including 250 boutique hotels and a 350,000-square-foot outdoor retail store on 43 acres of state-owned land. I will.

Construction of the arena is scheduled to be completed in November 2021 in time for the start of the islanders’ 2021-22 NHL regular season. Construction of the rest of the complex has not yet begun.

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