Suffolk DA: Centereach massage parlor was actually a brothel that did money laundering


According to Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini, a pair of center-each brothels disguised as massage parlors worked 14 hours for Chinese sex workers to force unprotected sex, but the operators cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I got an illegal income.

Suffolk law enforcement agencies completed a two-year investigation on Wednesday, including Jian Xin You, a mastermind who allegedly closed two massage parlors on Middle Country Road and runs a prostitution and money laundering business. Indicted a person.

“This is the money-making machine behind women who often find themselves in very difficult situations. People who feel they have no other way to make a living,” he said at a press conference in Hauppauge.

“We are making hundreds of thousands of dollars while endangering the community and degrading the quality of life in the areas operated by these massage parlors,” the defendant said.

You, 56, in Manhattan, have been charged with corporate corruption, two and three money laundering, and four and five conspiracies.

The prosecutor also charged three managers. Each manager also participated in sex work. Dozens of sex workers involved in the operation were not charged, officials said.

Flushing’s Li Fang, 38, and Flushing’s Guang Xu, 46, were charged with corporate corruption and five plots, respectively. Brooklyn’s Jin YeWu, 35, has been charged with three prostitution promotions and five plots.

The four defendants were scheduled to be arraigned by Central Islip on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if a woman had a lawyer.

If convicted at the top count, You, Fang and Xu face up to 8 years and 1/3 to 25 years in prison, respectively, and Wu up to 2 years and 1/3 to 7 years in prison. Face

As a mastermind, you use social media and websites to recruit women and demand that they engage in daily sex work. In most cases, I work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. Despite the availability of condoms, women had to have unprotected sex with men, Shini said.

Mr. Shini said the defendant used a variety of methods to launder money, including exchanging income for foreign currency, buying real estate, sending large sums to other personal accounts, and depositing cash in the entity’s account. ..

During a two-year investigation, authorities used eavesdropping to intercept calls, gather evidence, and interview individuals familiar with “how this highly secret operation worked.”

Suffolk Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said in a statement, “The last two years of investigation show SCPD’s dedication to eradicating criminal organizations trying to exploit women into prostitution for their financial benefit. It’s embossed. “

Law enforcement officials executed 15 investigation warrants in six locations on Tuesday, seizing $ 250,000 in cash and two ghost guns recovered from private residences, officials said.

“These massage parlors are often a community issue,” Sini said. “They are a devastation of the community with all sorts of secondary consequences. Shutting them down is certainly a victory for Suffolk County.”

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