The school district says it’s difficult to find a substitute teacher


According to educators, finding enough substitute teachers is often a problem for Long Island school districts, but securing submarines during a pandemic is even more challenging.

The fewer young people you participate in, the fewer candidates you can choose from. Also, a retired teacher who served as a vacancy in the past may sit down later this year for fear of contracting with COVID-19. In addition, the mix of hybrid, remote, and face-to-face classroom instructions makes proxy education much different than before.

“There has been a shortage of substitute teachers for a long time. It’s not new. But pandemics often have complex problems, and this applies to Long Island, NY and the country.” Valley Stream Central High School School District He is also the principal of the Nassau County Council.

Due to the lack of alternatives, the state board approved emergency measures in July, including increasing recruitment flexibility for schools. Due to recruitment changes, it is possible to hire an uncertified, non-certified, high school diploma or equivalent qualified agent for up to 50 days, beyond the 40-day limit. I can do it. This gives submarines the right to up to three months or even longer in rare circumstances.

“The state has relaxed the requirements to become a substitute teacher. It helps, but it’s also a little worrisome because we want to make sure that the person who puts it in front of the children is fully qualified.” Reich said.

Ron Masera, director of the Moriches Center and president of the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association, said it would be beneficial for the Regent Commission to approve an additional alternative date.

Mr. Masera said his district encouraged high school students to consider education as a career path and “builds that pipeline for future teachers and qualifies as a candidate.”

However, fewer people are in this profession. Between 2009 and 2017, enrollment in state undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs fell by 53% from over 79,000 students to approximately 37,000. There are about 180,000 new teachers in the next 10 years.

The Middle Country School District may have found one solution to that shortage. The school district partnered with Stony Brook University in the last semester to place student substitutes at the school.

Terry Early, director of teacher and leader education at Stony Brook, said the program was expanded to include the Plain Edge district this year. Students are either undergraduate or graduate students and attend the final teaching method course before the student teaches.

“We were looking for ways for our kids to gain more experience in the classroom,” Earley said. “It benefits everyone.”

Great Neck Zachary Schulman, 24, worked on behalf of middle school last year and signed up to do the same this year. Stony Brook Senior specializes in studying English to teach grades 7-12. He also said it was comfortable to act as a sub for remote instruction.

“This program enhances the student and teacher preparation experience,” said Schulman. “The big benefit of being able to work in the classroom with students as teachers, even if you’re reading a lesson plan created by another teacher.” There was an opportunity to lead the class. “

Giovanni Danbrosio, 24, of Seaford, a graduate student at Stony Brook, is a student teacher who worked on behalf of Middle Country until the school closed in March. He was disappointed that he couldn’t finish the year.

“I liked being there,” he said. “I liked this experience. I went there every day as a sub, and at the end of the day I went to Stony Brook to finish the class.”

Roberta Gerold, director of Middle Country, said the program helped meet the needs of the system’s 14 buildings. The district pays a substitute $ 145 per day. Wages for Long Island subscribers range from $ 95 to $ 200 per day, according to Masera.

COVID-19 has a new skill set that submarines need to use. They are “virtually connected not only in front of the classroom, but also with the children at home. Another skill set and a completely different structure for the school.”

The district also had to understand how to handle instruction with the submarine in charge. In the Valley Stream Central High School district, teachers who may be absent may send assignments to all learners, be remote, and subs may oversee students in the classroom, Heidenreich said. It was.

Sandra Gaskin is a standing proxy teacher for the Eastern Suffolk BOCES system and recently taught hair styling classes at the Milliken Technical Center in Oakdale.

“I’m very happy to work with Japanese and Chinese students in the field I’ve always loved,” she said. “It’s good to be a substitute teacher because you have more flexibility to get in and out. You just welcome coming back after a long outing.”

Eastern Suffolk BOCES has partnered with St. Joseph College to recruit agents and also operates an alternative services program to help 36 districts place grants.

Recently, Eastern Suffolk BOCES had 234 positions and needed to replenish submarines across 25 campuses. Ryan Ruf, Deputy Head of Management Services at BOCES, said they were able to fill half and many of their openings were covered by existing staff.

Substitute lecture

The New York State Education Department does not issue alternative education certificates.

  • Substitute teachers with a teacher license can work for any number of days and with any ability. If you have been employed in the school district or grade BOCES for 40 days or more, you must be employed in an accredited area.
  • Deputy teachers working on accreditation (taking university coursework) at least 6 semesters a year without a valid certificate can work in any capacity, any number of days, any district I can do it. If you have been employed by your district or BOCES for more than 40 days in your grade, you must be employed in the area where you are seeking accreditation.
  • During the 2020-21 school year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, a high school diploma or a substitute teacher with an equivalent qualification, who does not hold an education certificate and is not working towards qualification, School districts or BOCES exceed the 40-day limit for an additional 50 days per grade (90 days total). In rare situations, the district or BOCES may hire a substitute teacher for more than 90 days.
  • The school district may have additional local requirements such as fingerprints and background checks.

Source: New York State Department of Education, Suffolk County School Superintendents Association, Nassau BOCES

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