Trigger pulls a bunch of heartstrings in Babylon Town


Babylon Town has adopted many laws, policies and procedures over the years. Now the town has adopted the first dog.

Through formal resolutions and ceremonies, the town has officially adopted Trigger, a longtime resident of the town’s animal shelter, who felt unlikely to be hired. On Friday’s town hall stairs, Trigger was given a formal ceremony to commemorate the opportunity.

“Currently he is part of the Babylon family,” said town supervisor Rich Schaffer.

The trigger, adorned with a top hat and black tie, didn’t say much about this issue, but his constantly swaying tail spoke to him.

“It’s like a dream come true,” said Christine Siakovich, a park ranger at the Amityville shelter.

The Pitbull Mix Trigger came to the shelter in 2015 when he was three years old. According to shelter director Chris Elton, he was chained and lived “in a hole” in the backyard of Deer Park’s house, waning and covered in scars. Staff attributed his condition to simply negligence, but they soon discovered that the trigger had untreated medical problems.

“Nevertheless, he was the finest dog for the vast majority of people,” Elton said. “He just wanted attention and love.”

Trigger was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that atrophies the muscles of the head. He also had a condition in which his eyelids rolled by causing eye irritation in his eyes. He had eye surgery, but staff found that he also had a severe food allergy.

Elton had a trigger in the office so that staff could meet the dog’s medical needs on a regular basis. He receives daily medications, supplements, baths and treatments, and staff need to constantly care for his eyes, skin and diet and massage his chin, which keeps closing every year.

The shelter has tried to adopt triggers for years, and while they have some interest, none of the homes are suitable as he cannot be with other animals due to aggression. was.

“Using triggers was cumulative,” Elton said. “It was action, age, medicine.”

The shelter recently removed him from the adoption list.

“He made a lot of sense to us and we had to make sure he went to the perfect place, and it turned out that the perfect place is here with us “Said Jill Sanakoa, Head of Animal Care.

Over the years, Triggers have proven to be great for people and have become informal shelter greeters. Kind and attentive, he began to make a big impact on the staff.

“He’s like a shelter therapist,” Siarkowicz said. “If someone is having a bad day and you need to hug a dog, he is the most willing dog to accept it.”

Trigger learned which of the three beds to draw attention to and to relax for a snack or sun. If you need more water, pick up the water bowl and show it to the staff.

“He is a source of joy and comfort for all of us,” Elton said. “It brings us great peace to have someone we can trust, to always feel good, to always accept our love, and to love all of us.”

All about triggers

Formal name: Babylon Town Animal Shelter Companion Animal

Breeding: Pitbull mix

age: 8

weight: 70 pounds

Favorite snack: Sweet potatoes, venison, carrots, apples, green beans.

Favorite toys: A soft and squeaky thing, and the stuffed lamb he has.

Claim Fame: He is a model of the shelter logo, featured on the shelter social media page and “Tuesday Trigger” every holiday.

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