Workers in South Soldtown face the crime of child pornography


According to federal officials, a longtime employee of Sausoldtown, a boy scout leader, was arrested on Tuesday for child pornography and later released to home detention.

A U.S. Department of Justice spokesman said Damon Laris, 46, who works as a building permit examiner in the town’s building department, was arrested Tuesday morning at his home in Southold on suspicion of distributing child pornography. ..

Southold supervisor Scott Russell said Laris, who ran for town overseer in 2015 and for town assessor in 2017, was suspended until a town investigation was conducted. He has been working in town for over 20 years.

In Central Islip’s arraignment in the U.S. District Court, U.S. District Attorney Paul Scotty said that Laris, the scout master of Army 51 in Greenport, had multiple “obtrusive” poses for male toddlers. He said he discovered that he had an image. In addition, the prosecution said the search resulted in a camera in the bathroom of Laris’s house, angled so that viewers could see who was using the toilet. According to Scotty, Laris also admitted to investigators that she had removed it from child pornography on the computers she viewed.

Scotty argued that Laris was in danger of flying and should be imprisoned until trial, but Laris’ lawyer in this case, Lake Tria Felder, said that Laris was a long-time resident of Long Island. He said there was no danger of flying. Felder said he could monitor Laris if he was released, and there were no allegations that he “touched or harmed the child.”

Rallis was released with a $ 200,000 deposit and was limited to home detention with no internet access. Detention at home would have allowed him to attend the Sausold City Hall. There, Laris said there are safeguards to monitor computer usage.

“I’m shocked and tired of these allegations,” Russell said in a statement. As of this afternoon, employees were suspended while the town was conducting its own investigation into these allegations. I have. “

Laris, who had two children in her previous marriage, was also ordered by the court to notify her mother of the proceedings and could only see her in front of her.

Laris’ wife, Joanna Laris, attended a virtual hearing.

“This is all insane to me,” she told the court when the judge explained the terms of release to her.

If convicted, Laris will face a minimum of five years in prison, Scotty said.

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